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Our Services. . .

Zaumworks is the priced consulting service of Chax Press & offers services in writing, editing, design, and publishing, to a range of clients from individuals with writing and/or book projects, companies with promotional projects, creative writers with publishing projects, and publishers seeking help in any aspect of their work. We offer competitive rates, and specialize in book design.

The staff of Zaumworks has more than 85 years of combined experience in document design, promotional design and writing, and book writing and production, including work in virtual (web) and physical (ads, pages, pamphlets, books) projects.

All Zaumworks revenue goes to offset the costs of publishing poetic works which may not be financially viable.


We look forward to talk with you about your project.


> If you are planning a book, either as a press or a self-publisher, we can. . .

  •          edit copy

  •          prepare a manuscript for printing

  •          design books

  •          manage printing processes

  •          manage bookbinding processes

  •          deliver finished books


> If you are creating a promotional campaign, we can. . .

  •          edit copy

  •          design ads, pamphlets, and other materials

  •          oversee the publication/creation of promotional materials


> If you are creating a web site, we can. . .

  •          edit copy

  •          design web pages on various platforms

  •          consult with you about your web project


> If you are a writer, creating an article or a book, we can. . .

  •          proofread copy

  •          provide design services as needed

  •          consult with you about your project

  •          provide illustrations​

  •          assist with translations into English from the following languages: French, Spanish, &
             Mandarin Chinese

We're excited to speak with you 
about your project. . .
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