ISBN: 9780925904706

Poetry: 71 pages



TRANSDUCER, Jeanne Hueving's book of poetry, speaks of the literal and figurative meanings of an actual transducer, a device that converts one type of energy into another for purposes such as measurement and information transfer. The book is broken into four sections: Frequency, Flora, Chthonic, and Limning. All characterize the internal and external processes happening in the natural world (the act of killing ants and waves traveling over oceans). She brings to life the energy transfer occurring between these nominal subjects and further transforms their images into poetry. TRANSDUCER is “a trance inducer. Watching its petals fall, I am hypnotized into hearing frequencies audible only to the blind”-Andrew Joron. Hueving facilitates a conspicuous conversion of energy between her readers and her intensely electric, magnetic poems.

TRANSDUCER by Jeanne Heuving

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