ISBN 978-1-946104-20-5

Poetry/Literature/Anthology : 200 pages



The Most Darling Buds of Engllish Poetry, Shakespeare, and American Poetry
edited by Luo Yimin, Professor of Literature and of Shakespeare Studies, Southwest University, Chongqing, China


The Most Darling Buds presents an edition of some of the finest of English and American poems of the last five centuries, including a generous selection of poems (and poems from within plays) by William Shakespeare. The book is intended for students, primarily in China, studying the English language, or English and American literature, and for oral recitation of the poems herein, prepared in a pocket-sized edition that is easy to carry. Of course, we hope all sorts of readers love the poems enough to find the book of value, however they may make use of it.

The Most Darling Buds of English Poetry, Shakespeare, and American Poetry

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