ISBN 978-1-946104-10-6

Poetry/Literature: 64 pages



The other that enters the text maintains its iridescence “through multiple woof” (and tweet or twitter) ambigrammatical basically a reading “all resin fled” this or that which verbals at the interstices ratiocinates and conjugates erasure valence emergent impetus on the verge of blur “mantid being” a gloss from the given harmonics.


To explore Mantis is to explore language as organic material in formation, information as material. The work is bit-mined, one might say, from The Maintains by Clark Coolidge, taking as rudiment processes of jazz improvisation, particularly as practiced by musicians who may take a single step, and then follow where that step leads. To follow Mantis where it leads is to enter the forest, the cavern, the word hoard, and to find oneself as “light” or “as rose,” and to cross that place into a realm of creative possibility, where the final “as if” may mean open to everything.

MANTIS, by David Dowker



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