ISBN: 9780925904881

Poetry: 130 pages



“In GHOST SNOW FALLS THROUGH THE VOID (GLOBALIZATION), Tenney Nathanson by abandoning conventions of presentation to glimpse animate nature of being invents wonderful links (passages in a dated sequence) as incredibly funny morphs of actual life/ suffering/death instances. Nathanson's inserted accounts of daily life such as war on Iraq are his versions of Spicer's notion of the poet taking dictation from the radio. As we read we discover that the multitudes of faces and voices as if funny black holes that flow and morph into Walt Whitman, Cheney, or Orpheus as Tenney singing, like the quicksilver terminator in Terminator 2 flowing into then arising from linoleum, are a stream form of his Zen practice as merely unexpected occurrences”–Leslie Scalapino.

Ghost Snow Falls Through the Void (Globalization) by Tenney Nathanson

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