“As if we are hearing but instead are given the sound of the unheard and unsaid: Gutteral negations. As if Baron bypasses speech and instead dishes us up an account of the breath beneath the everyday that resists musicality—and evokes in that resistance its own halting stuttering rhythm broken by rhythm in the middle of a beat. Just as out of the wind / the branches / make it / live, that which exists under the spoken and heard is made to live in the music of these compelling anti-songs: lines lit in containers.”—Susan Gevirtz


Todd Baron received his MA under Louis Patler, Robert Duncan, and Diane Di Prima. Graduating in 1989, he has written and published eight titles of poetry. He published ReMAP magazine for five years, a postgraduate poetics journal based on the teachings/readings of New College: a continuation of the program's ideas. He has taught at the Otis Art Institute and currently teaches language arts at Crossroads School in Santa Monica, CA.

As Yet by Todd Baron

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