1000 Folds by Joe Ross

Poetry: 68 pages


“The poems in Joe Ross’ 1000 FOLDS implicate ‘Vision and what vision means//without light.’ This book enFOLDS opposites, embraces oppositions. It is full of empty spaces. Here, as in life, we look ‘through a tree//where the tree is//missing.’ Gentle and haunting, these poems encompass what is left out.”—Rae Armantrout


“Joe Ross takes on and bends all the biggies, life, time, being, the world, and of course, loving, in every stanza. His exciting new long poem, 1000 FOLDS, performs a cascading effect, as the lines open up a lyric narrative arc, creating a tour de force of form, voice, and mind.”—Peter Gizzi


“What if between the crashing waves of sound (history’s set-ups) we found a small peace? If the crashing waves were turned round to the music of the poem, and the silence between sounds made a place for us to live, among history’s present remains? If there are poems so enabled, they are these.”—Eleni Sikelianos

1000 Folds by Joe Ross

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