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The mission of CHAX is to increase the impact of new writing in our culture.

A message from Charles Alexander, Executive Director

For more than thirty years, CHAX has published close to 200 books by innovative poets. Our letterpress books emerge from intense collaboration between poet and book artist. They show new ways in the art of the book.

CHAX also curates readings and other events. Our special publishing projects include one-off and limited-edition broadsides.

CHAX was founded in 1984. We've always worked to enlarge and enliven the global community of readers and writers. If you believe in this mission, you may wish to consider giving us your support


Executive Director

Charles Alexander  Poet, Book Artist, Designer, CHAX Founder

Board of Directors

Mridul Nanda  President, Editor, writer, former Chax Press Intern

Cynthia Miller  Vice-President, Visual Artist

Karen Brennan, Writer, Artist
Steven Salmoni, Poet, Professor
Lidia Serrata  Attorney, Writer
Tenney Nathanson, Poet, Professor
Charles Alexander  Executive Director, Poet, Book Artist, Designer, CHAX Founder

Senior Advisors

Christie Delgado, Visual artist, Playwright
Susan Dick, Community Education Organizer
Jeanne Heuving, Poet and Literature Professor
Cynthia Hogue, Poet and Literature Professor
Tom Mandel, Poet, Technology Innovator
Tenney Nathanson, Poet, Buddhist Teacher, Literature Professor
Elizabeth Robinson, Poet

Staff, Interns & Volunteers

Cynthia Miller, Visual Arts Director

David Weiss, Development and Video/Audio Director
Ben Leitner, Editorial Assistant

Joshua Metlyng, Book Arts Assistant

Nora Alexander, Arts Consultant

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